Youth Internship Advisor

Tuesday, 26 January, 2016  20:05


Youth Internship Advisor - Job Description:

Do you enjoy the educational work environment, but you dont really want to be a teacher?Are you a great organizer, good in an office environment, but also really like working with people?Do you like the idea of working directly with students in a vocational training program, helping them with internships and also transitioning out of the program?Are you interested in compromising higher pay for a more rewarding job? This position offers 15 per hour 40 hours per week, plus benefits, vacation, etc.Treasure Island Job Corps is looking for an energetic person to support our work:based learning program and transitional activities for students about to graduate a residential training program. There are two main areas of responsibility to the job:WORK:BASED LEARNING:: Work with instructors to coordinate student participation in our internship program: Oversee student performance at their assignments: Liaison with work:site supervisors to identify additional training needs for students: Facilitate student transportation to and from their work:sites, collection of time cards, and getting their paychecks each week: Support the establishment of new work sites that give our students the opportunity to enhance their training and experienceCAREER TRANSITION SUPPORT:: Support a team of Career Transition Specialists with their caseload of students who are preparing to complete the Job Corps program Assist students in looking for work, housing, transportation, and other related services: Support students with preparation and testing for Drivers Licenses, State IDs, and other documentation necessary for employment: Coordinate job search activity directly with students to make sure they know how to get around the bay area on public transportation, occasionally driving students to job interviews, job fairs, etc.As part of the Career Transition Services Team at Treasure Island Job Corps, your role would be highly relevant to our overall success, and your sense of satisfaction would be high. This is an immensely satisfying line of work that puts you in direct contact with the people you help, so if it is important to you to feel good about your career and how you spend your time each day, this is definitely the right job for you. We are an energetic department of excited folks and we would love to have someone join us who is just as enthusiastic as we are about helping Job Corps graduates get in to the next phase of their life.JOB DESCIRPTION:: Follows all integrity guidelines and procedures and ensures no manipulation of student data.: Establishes supportive/mentoring relationship with students throughout their enrollment.: Conducts student employability rating evaluations.: Provides support for enhancing student employability, ensuring continued participation in the Job Corps program and the administration of PCDP and individual student placement plan activities.: Participates in introduction to and provision of CDSS, Grad 90 and Career Transition Phase programs for students.: Becomes active in the employment community (employers, labor unions, apprenticeship programs, military recruiters, advanced training programs, community colleges, etc.) to further the Centers WBL and placement goals.: Visits Work:Based Learning sites and reports back to Coordinator, to include work:based student learning/employability assessment.: Assists in establishing WBL sites, transportation and related services.: Conducts WBL site safety inspections, site visits and secures employer evaluations.: Actively participates in Grad 90 student identification and panels and preparation for Career Transition Phase.: Assists in Arranges for Home WBL and placement preparation during the Grad 90 program.: Supports independent living instruction.: Completes case notes and other necessary entries into CIS/PCDPs.: Transports students to on:and off Center activities, including classroom training, medical/dental appointments, recreation/cultural events, etc.: Mai

Salary: Competitive